37 Writing Holidays to Celebrate in 2021

37 Writing Holidays to Celebrate in 2021

AKA, 37 ways to help us forget 2020!

Happy New Year, #writingcommunity! I know 2021 has many great things in store for you!

Last year may have been tough on the publishing industry, affecting everything from debut authors to local bookshops, but if there’s one thing I know about the writing community, it’s that we persevere! (After all, we don’t write a story overnight.)

In my excitement for all the writing things this year will bring (Positive responses to my queries? New favorite books that I haven’t read yet? More wonderful blog posts to keep you guys inspired?), I made a list of all the writing-related holidays in 2021. I mean, who doesn’t love to celebrate for the sake of celebrating? Cupcakes? Yes, please!

In my opinion, I think we need a few extra parties (hey, even if they’re still remote) this year to make up for last year. So, buy some cute stickers and mark your calendars with these 37 writing holidays! Cheers!

If I missed any, find me on Twitter and let me know!


JAN 2 — National Science Fiction Day
JAN 5 — National Screenwriters Day
JAN 18 — National Thesaurus Day
JAN 19 — Edgar Allen Poe’s Birthday
JAN 23 — National Handwriting Day


National Library Lovers’ Month

FEB 3 — World Read Aloud Day
FEB 6 — Take Your Child to the Library Day
FEB 14 — Library Lovers’ Day
FEB 15 — Reading Rainbow Day


MAR 2 — Dr. Seuss’s Birthday
MAR 2 — National Read Across America Day
MAR 4 — National Grammar Day
MAR 8 — National Proofreading Day
MAR 21 — World Poetry Day


English Language Month
National Poetry Month

APR 2 — International Children’s Book Day (Hans Christian Andersen’s Birthday)
APR 14 — School Librarians’ Day
APR 15 — Celebrate Teen Literature Day
APR 16 — National Librarian Day
APR 18 — National Haiku Poetry Day
APR 23 — World Book Day
APR 27 — National Tell a Story Day


National Get Caught Reading Month

MAY 2 — International Harry Potter Day
MAY 4 — Star Wars Day
MAY 12 — National Limerick Day


Audiobook Appreciation Month

JUN 12 — Anne Frank’s Birthday


JUL 30 — National Paperback Book Day


Romance Awareness Month

AUG 9 — National Book Lovers Day
AUG 31 — We Love Memoirs Day


National Library Card Sign Up Month

SEP 6 — National Read a Book Day
SEP 8 — International Literacy Day
SEP 18 — Read an eBook Day


National Reading Group Month
National Cookbook Month

OCT 1 — National Poetry Day
OCT 16 — Dictionary Day
OCT 20 — National Day on Writing


Picture Book Month
National Family Literacy Month
National Novel Writing Month

NOV 1 — National Author’s Day
NOV 15 — I Love to Write Day


Read a New Book Month

DEC 7 — National Letter Writing Day

Feature photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash.

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