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Search no more! You have just stumbled upon a slew of writing resources. đź’Ž All downloads are free editable Word and Excel documents (and sometimes a PDF). Check back each Tuesday for a new worksheet!

This Week’s Sheet…

Your main character’s arc can make your novel (or break it if you don’t have one!). Analyze your main character with this worksheet and see if he/she measures up! This worksheet is a free Word document and complete customizable. Click the download button below or scroll down to see my library of other worksheets.

Worksheet Library

All worksheets are free, printable, and customizable. They will either be a Word document, Excel document, or PDF. Check back each Tuesday for a new worksheet.

Character Arc Worksheet

Character arcs can make your novel. Analyze your your characters with this worksheet and see if they measure up!

Chapter Summaries

This worksheet is a simple organizational tool to quickly reference what happens in each chapter of your book.

9-Grid Plot Plan

Welcome to the new plot diagram! I created this to partner with Editor Cassandra’s miracle post. (Link in doc.)

Chapter Goals and Stakes

Food for thought: Every one of your chapters should have its own goal, conflict, and stakes! Work them out with this gem.
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Comp Titles Worksheet

Choosing comp titles is not easy! But you can download this free worksheet and you’ll have a list of comps before you know it.

Character GMCs

Characters are real people too! Don’t forget that they not only have goals, but motivations and conflicts too.

Query Tracker

Querying? I feel your pain. But here’s something to cheer you up! Download this free form to make your life easier.

Story Structure Calculator

Does your story’s structure measure up? This worksheet partners with K.M. Weiland’s structure breakdown.

Scene GMCs

Do your scenes pack a punch? Or do they fall flat? Use this chart to track your scenes’ goals, motivations, conflicts, stakes, and the MC’s win or fail.

Game of Thrones Bookmarks

In honor of the Game of Thrones finale, enjoy these motivating bookmark quotes. Just download and print on card stock!

Filter Words Checklist

You can’t avoid filter words if you don’t know what they are! Use this list to search your story for them.

Enneagram Tracking

Character enneagrams will change your life! With the aid of K.M. Weiland’s post, use this tracking sheet to guid your characters’ goals and decisions.
Physical Reactions Dictionary

List of Physical Reactions

Struggling to find ways in which your MC reacts to tension (besides having their heart race)? This list is your grail!