Genre markets the 2020 RevPit editors are looking for

Genre markets the 2020 RevPit editors are looking for

What is #RevPit?

The Revise & Resub team is back again for their fourth year! And lucky us! The contest allows writers to enter one—completed, unpublished, fiction—manuscript for the chance to win eight weeks of editing on the whole story.

On Saturday, April 18, we can submit our story to two of the nineteen editors this year, and then pray, pray, pray that we get picked on Monday, May 4!

If you are one of the eighteen lucky winners, after you spend two months working on your manuscript with your RevPit editor, your query and first pages will be showcased on their site on July 1… bringing all the agents to the yard!

Be sure to follow all the Revise & Resub updates and news by searching #RevPit on Twitter. This month, from March 16-27, #askeditor sessions are scheduled. Don’t miss out on your favorites! Check out the schedule below.

Revise and Resub Contest Schedule

Trends in Editors’ 2020 Tastes

After reviewing the editors’ manuscript wishlists (MSWL), I’ve noticed a few trends this year:

· Every single editor is requesting YA.
· Fantasy is huge! Lots of cravings for magic and new worlds.
· Many are interested in retellings/reimaginings.
· Historical fiction is a popular request.
· Romance is red hot!
· Contemporaries and horror/thrillers are either a hit or miss.
· Dystopian stories sneak into quite a few MSWLs.

However, above all, I’m seeing lots of editors request for character-driven and real stories. Even if you’ve got a fantasy, they want that fantasy touchable. Or, as RevPit editor Bethany Hensel puts it:

“Caricatures, cardboard cutouts, stereotypes and manufactured drama need not apply.”

Bethany Hensel

All the RevPit editors are listed on the Revise & Resub Editor page. Click on their photos to pull up their MSWLs—and read closely! You only get to submit to two editors. Make sure that your story fits what they are looking for… or you just wasted an entry.

Revise & Resub List of Editors

How Do You Choose?

Below I created a chart indicating which fiction genre markets each editor is accepting (no one is accepting nonfiction). Because who doesn’t love charts! Hopefully, this will help you narrow down which two editors you’d like to submit to this year. To visit the editors’ specific MSWLs, click on their name. And don’t miss their #askeditor sessions! Ask ALL the questions! But remember…

Juuuust because the chart below indicates which markets the editors will accept, it does NOT mean that they will accept any genres within that market. You MUST read their MSWLs on their editor pages to see their specific requests.

RevPit Genre Markets for 2020

Carly Bornstein-Hayward📘📕
Elizabeth Buege📘📕📗
Jeni Chappelle📘📕📗
Tera Cuskaden📘📙📕
Miranda Darrow📘📕
Tiffany Grimes📙📕
Natasha Hanova📘📕
Bethany Hensel📘📕
Holly Ingram📘📙📕
Judi Lauren📕📗
Megan Manzano📕📗
Katie McCoach📙📕
Kyra Nelson📕
Michelle Rascon📘📕📗
Megan Records📘📕
Heidi Shoham📘📙📕
Maria Tureaud📘📕📗
Hannah VanVels📘📕📗

Market Key

📘= Adult
📙= New Adult
📕= Young Adult
📗= Middle Grade

Feature photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash.

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