20 RevPit #10queries tweets that made us slightly paranoid about our entries

20 RevPit #10queries tweets that made us slightly paranoid about our entries

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I swear I only submitted to two editors.

Then why was I so convinced that every #10queries tweet was written for me?!

It has been quite a week for all of us. (If you’re new to the #WritingCommunity, learn more about #RevPit here.)

On the one hand, if you’re a writer, you’ve probably never been on Twitter so much (and, oh boy, your Screen Time charts are going to be through the roof!). But, on the other hand, if you’re an editor, you guys have some pretty tough decisions to make!

The winners will be announced this Monday, April 15, at noon. So, if you haven’t gotten a request for more materials (i.e., synopsis, partial/full request), there is still time. Don’t lose hope yet!

And now it’s time to “millenialize” things…

At some point, we must admit to ourselves that we all can’t win the grand prize. But! That doesn’t mean we all didn’t win something. 😏

These tweets are gold

We all gained a ton—a TON—of insight from the editors’ #10queries sessions. Whether they tweeted 10 or wayyyy more (Here’s to looking at you, Cassandra, Holly, Tera!), they have given us pairs and pairs of magical eyeglasses that see through query letters and first pages! These editors show us the good and show us the bad—both of which we sometimes cannot see on our own. Which is why we LOVE editors!

I have scoured the #revpit #10queries threads and pulled some of the best tweets of advice. Yes, these tweets made us second-guess what we submitted (Wait! Did I do that!?), but they will also make us better writers! I’ve posted them below in no particular order.

What’s my plot-to-other-stuff ratio?

Did I forget my contact info?

Is my premise everything?

My title! Oh my title!

Are my materials too perfect? (Ha! No.)

Did I keep secrets?

Was I too… extra?

Too many characters

Too much dialogue

Too much backstory

Did I show the spooky town!?


Did I forget about myself? I do like cats!

Do my non-robot characters come off as robotic?

I knew editors didn’t like prologues!

Heh. Maybe we’re just not the right fit?

What is a MacGuffin and why don’t I know this yet!?

Ahh, so that’s what voice is!

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