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Hiya! Thanks for visiting my site. TBH, I created this site because I found that it’s a good idea to have an author website. But then I got super excited and wanted to share some resources (check out the Treasure Box) with anyone who stopped by! And then I got even more excited and figured I could share what I learn about the business of writing in some blog posts! So, here you have it: nadineavola.com.

For a brief background, I am a shiny, new mama! I had my little Emily in June and she is truly the light of my whole world. Before she arrived, I was an English middle school teacher for gifted students and we had so much fun! I love those guys. But, when Emily came along, I decided to become a stay-at-home mom. (Hello, world. Is anyone out there?)

Currently, I am in the querying stage of my first novel. (I repeat: Hello, world. Is anyone out there?) I used to write a lot of women’s articles and copyedit for SheKnows. You can also find me in some TV shows and feature films like Sydney White and Vacation. (No, I won’t repeat my lines.)

I hope you find my site useful and encouraging. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me if you have any ideas or suggestions. I want to make this site the best it can be! You can stay in touch by following me on Twitter or signing up for my newsletter on the right. >>>